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Electric GT returns with an electric crate motor for EV conversions

Almost just like getting a small-block V8, only electric

Chevy Chevelle, C10 and K10 Silverado display new crate engines at SEMA

Included is LT5 supercharged 6.2-liter V8 from the new Chevy Corvette ZR1

Included is LT5 supercharged 6.2-liter V8 from the new Chevy Corvette ZR1.

New Chevy Small Block crate engine has 405 hp, endless possibilities

Chevrolet Performance keeps finding ways to upgrade the venerable Small Block V8. For the new ZZ6 350 crate engine that gets a full debut at the SEMA Show, valvetrain improvements help it reach 405 hp and 405 lb-ft.

Ford begins offering crate versions of 2.0-liter four [UPDATE]

This is the start of way too much fun. Ford has just announced that it will offer crate versions of a new naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine ahead of the powerplant's debut in production engines. Available through Ford Racing, the direct-injection engine makes use of an astronomically-high 12.0:1 combustion ratio to produce somewhere between 160 and 175 horsepower depending on final

Mopar announces 800-hp V10 crate engine at SEMA

It may be another year or two before the next-generation Dodge Viper comes rumbling in, all 8.7 liters of it. But even though there is no Viper currently on offer, that doesn't mean there isn't some V10 power to be had. If you're a drag racer, anyway.

Barrett-Jackson 2011: GM auctions off first LSX454R crate engine *UPDATE: W/Video

General Motors LSX454R crate engine at Barrett-Jackson – Click above for high-res image gallery

Big Block Fever: First Anniversary 427 Big Block ZL-1 on the block at Barrett Jackson

Monster motors were the order of the day in the late 1960s, and GM's 427 was a part of that class. The drawback to a big-block's burly output was, and still is, the increased weight of the engine. While big blocks are a hoot for straight line shenanigans, a small block car is often a better all-around performer. That goes out the window for most of us upon tapping that vast well of torque, and there was a solution direct from GM. The ZL1 was a 427 rendered in aluminum to save weight and

Got a project car? Has GM got an engine for you!

As Detroit's automakers swing back toward performance cars, they're also finding a thriving market for Detroit-style performance parts - and nothing says Detroit performance like a thundering V8. General Motors has ramped up a growing business with its GM Performance Parts group, and in recognition of the growing visibility of high performance in GM's product portfolio, the company has taken the group out from under the GM Goodwrench umbrella and given GMPP its own web presence at gmperformancep