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General Motors is getting ready for SEMA 2009, but the Detroit-based automaker has a little over a week before it can show us anything official in Las Vegas. That isn't stopping the General from teasing us, though, as this 40-second YouTube clip clearly demonstrates. One of GM's new tuner specials comes in a box and figures to be packed with power. It's a crate engine, but unfortunately the company isn't giving us much in the way of details.

Hit the jump to watch a pair of technicians bolt the mystery engine onto an unknown frame that already sports four Corvette-badged wheels. We're no trained eye, but the engine looks an awful lot like GM's 5.3-liter mill, which is made at the General's Canadian St. Catherines engine plant. To make us feel even more strongly about the mystery motor being some variant of the 5.3, there is even a Canada sticker at the belt wheel. And since the end of the video says "A new kind of crate engine is coming," at least one Autoblogger is further hypothesizing that the 5.3-liter could be a flex-fuel variant. But like we said, we're just thinking out loud here, so if you have a better guess, let us know in the post-jump comments section. We'll likely know for sure once SEMA begins on November 3.

[Source: YouTube]

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