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How the gearheads at Pixar made Cars 3 more realistic than you might think

It may be a cartoon, but there are laws of physics to the Cars universe.

Cars is what happens when a bunch of gearheads decide to make an animated movie.

Sphero launches Ultimate Lightning McQueen app-controlled car

'Cars 3' comes alive in your living room.

He'll even watch the movies with you.

Lightning McQueen's branding agent wants him to retire in latest Cars 3 trailer

It also looks like he'll help his trainer as much as she helps him.

Jackson Storm looks way better than Lightning McQueen in Cars 3 trailer

McQueen will have a tough journey to become number one again.

The first Cars 3 trailer previews a dark turn plus EV racecars, and we have a theory

Lightning McQueen (almost) dies and the electrics are going to take over. Are the two related?

Disney and Pixar racing back to the big screen with Cars 3

It's official, folks. Well, sorta. Disney and Pixar are planning a third installment of the mega-successful Cars movie franchise. The news comes courtesy of Disney Company head Bob Iger, speaking at the company's shareholder's meeting last week, and via Twitter.