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It may be a cartoon, but there are laws of physics to the Cars universe.

Cars is what happens when a bunch of gearheads decide to make an animated movie.

'Cars 3' comes alive in your living room.

He'll even watch the movies with you.

It also looks like he'll help his trainer as much as she helps him.

McQueen will have a tough journey to become number one again.

McQueen might retire, but probably not.

McQueen has some new competition.

Lightning McQueen (almost) dies and the electrics are going to take over. Are the two related?

It's official, folks. Well, sorta. Disney and Pixar are planning a third installment of the mega-successful Cars movie franchise. The news comes courtesy of Disney Company head Bob Iger, speaking at the company's shareholder's meeting last week, and via Twitter.

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