Jackson Storm looks way better than Lightning McQueen in Cars 3 trailer

The latest trailer for Pixar's Cars 3 once again hammers home the fact that Lightning McQueen is old-school, and bordering on out-of-date. It leads off with more footage of his new rival, Jackson Storm, who is objectively better in every way. He's more aerodynamic, has more downforce, and has a higher top speed. Even the gravelly-voiced mystery character tells McQueen that this is just the start of more powerful, faster cars coming.

Not only is McQueen dealing with being slower, he also appears to have been involved in not one, but two major crashes. The first one we knew about was shown in the original teaser, and it happened during the day. This new trailer shows a clear shot of a night race crash. Of course we know that won't stop the famed fictional NASCAR. In addition to some previously shown locales, such as a hellish-looking figure eight course, it appears McQueen will be spending some time back in Radiator Springs. Check out the trailer above for all the details.

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