Disney Pixar's trailers for the upcoming Cars 3 film have made it quite clear that Lightning McQueen is facing a crisis of whether he can continue racing. The competition is getting faster, and he's been involved in some serious wrecks. This new trailer shows that there's yet another threat to his racing career: his sponsors.

In a montage of questionable McQueen-branded merchandise including cleaning products and workout supplements, we hear McQueen talking to a licensing and branding boss. The subject of the conversation starts reasonably amicably, but the unnamed car soon explains that they want him to stop racing. It seems that they need him to stop racing, so that he stops losing, so that he stops damaging his image and salability.

With a triple threat of wrecks, fast competition, and disgruntled merchandisers, McQueen's future looks pretty dire. However, the aging racer does have his friends in Radiator Springs helping him, as well as his new, optimistic trainer, Cruz Ramirez. She's more than ready to help out McQueen, but it seems she has some issues herself. They seem to be related to courage and bravery, and something tells us McQueen will have a hand in her overcoming those issues. Ramirez isn't the only new character who will help McQueen. We get a glimpse of an old Hudson pickup truck offering the racer some advice. He's undoubtedly related to Doc Hudson.

Check out the whole trailer above. The movie comes out on June 16.

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