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BMW accelerates electric vehicle rollout plans

25 electrified vehicles by 2023, and PHEVs with 'green zone' technology

25 electrified vehicles by 2023, and PHEVs with 'green zone' technology.

BMW i1 EV rumored, based on electric Mini

Smaller electric hatchback would replace i3 in 2023

With just two BMW i cars currently available — and aging — we've been hankering to know what new EVs are coming down the pipeline for the Bavarian automaker. We've had news of the iNext and i4, caught wind of an iX3, and as BMW is in the early stages of a large electrification push, there has been a multitude of "i"-prefaced trademarks registered. The next we can expect, if the rumors from Spanish outlet Motor.es are to be believed, will be a diminutive i1 EV, based on the s

i8 Coupe update leads BMW's electric charge at NAIAS

More range, more power, and a "Coupe" badge.

By 2025, BMW is planning to offer 25 electrified models.

Tesla developing battery preheating feature to lessen cold-weather drain

Owners will be able to restore range lost to bringing the battery up to optimal temp via mobile app.

Owners will be able to restore range lost to bringing the battery up to optimal temp via mobile app.

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BMW is ready for our inevitable EV future  

Is "rolling lithium" a thing, yet?

"We are seeing growing interest from customers to bring electrification to the heart of the brand."

BMW's i Vision Dynamics Concept shows a 2020s four-door electric saloon

The 2021 i5 should look something like this.

At Frankfurt, BMW offers a look into its mid-size future.

BMW i5 electric sedan could be previewed at Frankfurt

EV said to be one of four electric BMWs at the show, would launch in 2021

It could have a range of up to 435 miles.

2018 BMW i3 announced, with new i3s performance model

The i3 gets a makeover, and a sportier variant.

We'll see them in the flesh in Frankfurt.

BMW electric crossover will have level 3 autonomy

The i5 – or, rather, iNext – isn't dead.

Hands-off, eyes-off driving comes to BMW in 2021.

BMW enters Formula E as official manufacturer in 2018

Audi and Jaguar have serious competition.

Andretti will run a newly developed BMW powertrain.

(UPDATE) BMW simplifying lineup to pay for more EVs like electric 3 Series

Simplify, as in, fewer manual transmissions and steering wheels.

Expect fewer manual transmission BMWs in the future.

BMW's i pairs up with TED, but we're not sure why

When something is hip, an automaker must glom onto it.

Rethinking personal mobility, and all the other jargon.

BMW sold 100,000 EVs in 3 years, now turns attention to autonomy

The German automaker says to expect more over the next five years.

More electric vehicles are coming soon, and so is autonomy.

This looks like the BMW i4 or i5 hatchback

BMW is hatching another model for the i portfolio.

The next BMW i8 will make 750 hp from three motors and have a 300-mile range

That's a big bump over next year's 420-hp facelift.

More power than a Lamborghini Aventador SV and torque from 0 rpm.

BMW i wants to build the ultimate self-driving machine

EV brand changes its mission amid struggles, leadership departures.

BMW head of research and design Klaus Froehlich is pushing the i sub-brand in a different direction, embracing autonomous vehicles alongside EVs.

BMW i gets in on ridesharing with Scoop investment

The app lets carpoolers find each other and share rides to and from work.

Mercedes 'could' do BMW i rival. But it won't

For now, the company taking a wider approach to electrification 'that will affect the whole portfolio.'

Mercedes will offer three pure electrics (in Europe) by year's end, will have 10 plug-in models and a new GLC-based fuel-cell vehicle by the end of 2017.

BMW plans i5 as a useful EV for families

BMW wants to go more mainstream with the i5, creating an EV for the whole family. Like the i3, a range extender would be optional.

BMW now wants to build 'ultimate machine driver'

Munich might one day sell its electric powertrain to other OEMs.

BMW wants half its research and development staff to be computer programmers to build the AI that will control upcoming self-driving BMWs.

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