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Junkyard Gem: Pair of 1950s Austin Champs

Descended from the Nuffield Gutty and Wolseley Mudlark, these British Army vets ended up in Colorado

Texas legislature overrules Austin, allows Uber and Lyft to return

The governor is poised to sign the override into law.

Watch cop let chief off for doing 92 mph: 'Take care, buddy'

'How fast was I going? ... Holy mackerel!'

Way to set an example for the kids there, Chief.

Formula One's formula for success is to book Justin Timberlake

He follows last year's U.S. Grand Prix performance by Taylor Swift.

He's bringing sexy racing fans back.

Drunk driver launches $385,000 Ferrari off of cliff

A Texan who had a little too much to drink in Austin last week got behind the wheel of his eye-wateringly expensive Ferrari and promptly drove it off a cliff and into a ravine.

Pro-Uber Austin politician sues to abolish fingerprint rule

He argues that the requirement's language is confusing.

Austin City Council Member Donald Zimmerman filed a lawsuit against the mayor to overturn a rule requiring drivers to undergo fingerprint background checks.

How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin

Arcade City Austin / Request A Ride to the rescue.

Arcade City Austin / Request A Ride is a grassroots solution to the problem created when Lyft and Uber left the city.

Uber and Lyft to shut down in Austin after failed vote

Uber and Lyft will pull out of Austin, Texas on the morning of May 9th after 56 percent of voters rejected Proposition 1.

Dump truck trashes car after running red light

A dump truck ran a red light and slammed into a small car, pushing it into traffic before diving off a Texas freeway overpass last weekend.

Uber and Lyft fight fingerprint requirements in TX

Uber and Lyft are fighting potential legislation that would mandate fingerprint background checks for its drivers in Austin, TX.

Google now testing self-driving cars in Texas [UPDATED]

For First Time In Six Years, Program Goes Beyond California

Google's self-driving cars are taking a summer road trip. The company said Tuesday two of its autonomous vehicles will be tested this summer in Austin, TX.

Piquet Jr skipping X Games for Formula E race in Moscow

If You Wanna Win, You Gotta Compete

Nelson Piquet Jr. will pass on the X Games in Austin, TX to try and reach higher in the final standings at the Formula E race in Moscow.

2 dead, 23 injured after car crashes into SXSW crowd [w/video]

Two people are dead and 23 injured after a suspected drunk driver, attempting to evade police, barreled through a barricade and into a crowd at Austin's South by Southwest festival. The incident happened around 12:30AM last night on Red River Street, just a few blocks from the Texas Capitol building.

Someone starts a new Car2go carsharing trip every 2.5 seconds

In the fall of 2009, a big idea using little cars got its US start in Austin, TX. That's when Daimler's Car2go carsharing program first came to North America after its global debut in Ulm, Germany. The idea was simple: let people rent a car for just a few minutes at a time, and let them end their rental when they got to wherever it

BMW restores classic Mini as it revives production in Netherlands

Mini will be kicking off production in the Netherlands, a country that hasn't built a Mini-badged machine since 1966. In honor of this event, BMW Group Classic, the team responsible for all the cars in the BMW Museum, as well as

Plug-in vehicles aren't killing the grid

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the grid's demise on account of more plug-in vehicles are greatly exaggerated. And, while time is money, when it comes to electric-vehicle charging, more money means less time. At least, less time during peak demand.

Car2go adds airport parking to carsharing deal in Austin

A carsharing company has started up a new service designed to take some of the hassles out of air travel. Daimler subsidiary Car2go has added a partnership in Austin, TX, with The Parking Spot, a leading near-airport parking company.

In Detail: Circuit Of The Americas Formula One Racetrack, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Some would argue that the most technologically advanced cars in the world exist in Formula One racing. We have Formula One to thank in part for "trickle-down" technologies like disc brakes, semi-automatic transmissions and flywheel-based kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS). So when they build an all-new Formula One track in America, it's a big deal. So big, in fact, they named it Circuit of the Americas.

Of all places, Texas taking a leading role in EV charging infrastructure

When discussions of electric vehicle charging infrastructures come up, the west coast is often the focus, since California is the obvious EV leader. But what about Texas?

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