Car2go adds airport parking to carsharing deal in Austin

A carsharing company has started up a new service designed to take some of the hassles out of air travel. Daimler subsidiary Car2go has added a partnership in Austin, TX, with The Parking Spot, a leading near- airport parking company.

The new partnership allows Car2go members to park their Smart Fortwo vehicles at The Parking Sport, located next to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. There are eight designated parking spaces reserved for Car2go at The Parking Spot. An additional $5 charge is billed to the member's account for each trip taken to or from The Parking Spot. If the "Lot Full" sign is displayed or the Car2go spots are occupied, members are directed to end their trip in Car2go-designated overflow parking spaces.

More than 32,000 members in the Austin area have used Car2go since the company opened to the public three years ago. The Austin network of 318 Car2go edition Smart Fortwo vehicles, comprised of 300 gasoline-powered and 18 electric-drive versions, travel an average distance of three to five miles per trip within the 46-square-mile Car2go Home Area in Austin.

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