A young man made the bad decision to get behind the wheel of his supercar after having too much to drink in Austin, TX. According to KTBC, the Austin Police and Fire Departments responded to a single vehicle crash just after 2 am on January 13. When first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered a mangled Ferrari 458 Italia at the bottom of a 50 foot ravine. Also in the ravine were three bruised, sheepish-looking drunks. Detective Mike Jennings of the Austin Police Department's DWI unit told KTBC that the trio was lucky to be alive.

"They are lucky that we didn't have three people that were killed or injured more seriously than they were," Jennings told KTBC.

Witnesses reported they spotted the Ferrari flying along the dark, windy road at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour before the driver lost control and balled the Ferarri up at the bottom of the ravine. The driver, James Allen of nearby Georgetown, TX, told APD officers that he'd only had two beers that night. Clearly not buying his explanation, APD arrested Allen for driving while intoxicated.

"Anybody that has ever talked to intoxicated people, they always remember two beers, it's always the first one they had and the last one they had, it's everything in between, a lot of times they often forget," said Detective Jennings.

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