Followup: As it turns out, Christians also offended by Top Gear holiday special

It seems that Muslims aren't the only religious group upset about the recent Top Gear holiday special. According to The Digital Journal and iAfrica, Christians have now come out against the show. While Muslims found issue with hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all donning the traditional headwear of Muslim women, Christians are more riled about the episode's closing manger scene. After the trio of presenters made their way from Iraq to Bethlehem, they came up on a miniature baby Stig tucked away in a manger. The clip was meant to parody the nativity scene with Clarkson, Hammond and May all portraying the three wise men and Mini-Me Stig filling in for baby Jesus. Apparently, that bit of blasphemy was enough to ruffle a few feathers.

As usual, neither Top Gear nor the BBC have responded to the kerfuffle surrounding the show or its content.

[Sources: The Digital Jounral, iAfrica]

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