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More Saab 9-5 spy shots

By now we pretty much know what the 2006 9-5 facelift looks like, but these are the first pics we've seen of the wagon and the dashboard center stack. Inside, it look much like the 9-3. It must look better with a DVD-Nav screen since the corp-GM radio does not seem to fill out the space very well. The uneven taillights are still a little unsettling. There are also clean front pictures of the 9-5 here. The progression of the two side grills into the headlights was seen in the Saab concepts a

New packages for Mini

These packages appear to be just for the European folks (the Mini is not suffering any downturn in sales in the U.S. that would lead to the creation of new packages) and conjure up some names from Mini's past. The Mini One Seven will be painted Solar Red and Seven decals, the Mini Cooper Park Lane gets Royal Grey paint, leather trim and silver roof and stripes and the Cooper S Checkmate gets 17-inch wheels, LSD and Xenon headlights.

2007 Camry spy pictures

Last month pictures of the undisguised 2007 Toyota Camry leaked around the internet, so these pictures are not a big deal. Edmunds is predicting the new Camry to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October and U.S. sales should start second quarter of next year.

GM's future plans all over the place

The press was all over GM during the rough times the past couple of months and now that GM has given analysts and certain members of the press a preview of 18 new models coming in the next 30 months. It's weird to hear journalists "gush" over GM's designs, but the new Malibu and CTS are getting a great reaction, as well as the next Escalade. There was mixed reviews for the new line of sport wagons, some loving the new Buick and others not too impressed. Interiors have also received a huge bo

Chevy or Toyota? Who sold the most cars in 2004?

It seems like Toyota wants to have it both ways. They tout that Scion is its own brand and sold differently than the Toyota brand, but in their final numbers (and in the monthly numbers where the Scion brand adds huge to the Toyota brand) Scion sales get lumped in with the Toyota brand, almost adding 100,000 units to Toyota's bottom line. Problem is Toyota and Chevy both broadcast commercials proclaiming that they sold the most cars in 2004. Toyota is if they add Scion. Chevy is if they don'

Model T, Studebaker plant up in flames

A piece of history went up in smoke yesterday as the Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit burnt to the ground. A once mighty plant that was home to Ford's historic Model T and Studebaker's plant before they moved to their South Bend home in 1928. The fire was more devastating for the few businesses that were located in the big brick warehouse including a local family meat wholesaler. Detroit is in the midst of trying to preserve the remnants of "The Motor City" and this is one more blo

2007 Mini interior pictures

The exterior shots are computer generated, but these interior mock-up pictures looks like they were taken right in the studio. There isn't too much of a departure from the current Mini, keeping the center mounted speedometer/info center and tach in front of the driver. The pictures also show both color combos and door panels.

No way to promote F1 in the U.S.

A six car race at the U.S. Grand Prix does not win fans over, especially when spectators were fleeing for the exits after 10 laps and demanding their money back. The 14 teams that were on Michelin tires boycotted the race after the tire manufacturer informed the teams that the tires were not safe in the final banked corner of IMS. Teams asked the FIA to either change tires or to place a chicane in the final turn. When the requests were refused, 14 teams parked their cars leaving only 6 drive

Is Spring Hill a goner?

Spring Hill is the Woodstock for Saturn fans. It was the revolutionary (and expensive) auto plant for GM's Saturn brand. But as Saturn looks for a new voice that does not include plastic body panels and GM looks to shutter a few more North American plants, word is the completely redesigned 2007 Saturn ION will move production to the Lordstown plant where the Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac Pursuit/G4 (Canada/Mexico) are assembled. That leaves Spring Hill with the VUE, which could easily be ass

So it's the Chrysler Aspen, is it?

Maybe I know too much about cars and history. Maybe Dodge Aspen rolls off the tongue better than Chrysler Aspen. Maybe when I hear the name Aspen, I think like a down-to-earth car guy and first envision this monstrosity on the right, then a tree, then Lloyd Christmas, then the trendy, rich town. Yes, I'm not the target demographic of Chrysler's first SUV, a be-dazzeled Durango with a big winged logo, but Aspen sits about as well with me as last night's chalupa. I'll repeat it like a mantra:

2006 Honda Accord spied

A few weeks ago we highlighted a camera phone picture of what was assumed to be the slightly reworked 2006 Accord. These spy pictures confirm the Acura-ization of the Accord's rear end with new LED taillights. Minor tweaks are seen on the rest of the car, but nothing as drastic as the rear, which in our opinion was the weakest link of the Accord design. Is this enough to stop the Accord sales slide, especially with a totally new Camry and Impala for 2006/07?

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