I decided to make-up totally silly award brackets for a number of the finalists from the four rounds. While they're comical there is lots of truth to the designations as well, unlike some other titles I've seen recently. Click below.

  • Authentic sports car: Mazda RX-8

  • Car that made me question my masculinity: Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible GT

  • Made me feel like both a wannabe rapper and old man at the same time: Chrysler 300C

  • Car I had fun testing and would buy in a second: Mustang GT

  • Car I had fun testing but would never buy: Dodge SRT-4

  • Practical car that I would be happy driving fast: Subaru Legacy GT

  • Practical car that I would be happy driving not so fast: Pontiac G6

  • Car that hits the mark in almost every way but I still couldn?t fathom owning one: Scion xB

  • For the person that needs a luxury sedan but doesn?t have a 2-car garage for the muscle-car too: Cadillac CTS-V

Mustang GT Side

Ok we had our fun: Hands down the best car I?ve tested all year was the Mustang GT. It?s a blast to drive, has plenty of power and looks great. The car I?d most likely wind-up buying in the next year, if I didn?t review cars, would be the Subaru Legacy GT. And the car to aspire to would be the CTS-V.

I would like to take this space to thank all our readers over the past six or seven months for making Autoblog the success it is on the eve of a new year. Our promise/resolution for 2005 is to deliver as much high quality content as we can. For the Garage there will be at least one new car every week. And if you want someplace to go for up close and personal car show coverage you know where it?ll be.

Happy New Year!

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