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Bill Gates and Bill Ford talk tech and cars

Bill gates and Bill Ford Jr. addressed the Microsoft Global

BMW 3 Series spotted in Chicago

While we are chained to our desks at Autoblog's Chicago headquarters, Tom

Mazda profits up, still not enough?

Even though Mazda profits for the latest fiscal year were up 35 percent, due to streamlining costs and better exchange rates overseas, things aren't perfect for the company. Analysts (those damn analysts) were expecting even better numbers. The company says they will see net income rise another 20 percent next year with a new Miata, sorry MX-5, Mazda 5 and MazdaSpeed6 all going on sale this year. We're still heavily on the Mazda bandwagon as far as ther products, but have not been impre

South Korean president gets five top of the line BMWs

President Roh Moo-hyun of South Korea is a trendspotter. He must have been paying attention to

Project ZX2 update

A long time ago I posted about getting my own car, a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 (yes that's what I've had since my first post-college job), that I wanted to eventually autocross. Well, I finally got around to getting some parts put on the sucker. This morning a friend lent me some garage time and put on a new strut brace for the engine and a much larger rear sway bar (19mm from 13 mm stock) with new polyurethane bushings. I was surprised at how affordable the upgrades were and how great an impact

A different hue of Ridgeline

Our much attacked reader Stew, has sent in a couple of new pictures of his Honda Ridgeline. We're posting these as a follow-up to his original post and to also show a different color of the truck. The Steel Blue Metallic paint is pretty nice actually but shows off how awful the taillights can look. I also dig the roof rack that wasn't on our test vehicle. We're simply showing off a reader's vehicle that has been much talked about and offers a more appealing color than the silver on our teste

More Evo IX raves

is the latest to rant and rave about the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Of course they can't let the good will fly without taking a jab at ailing Mitsubishi itself. I wonder if Mitsubishi, Mercedes and GM execs should start a support group. Anyway, the Evo is better than ever but just barely. For a publication that named the Evo its car of the year two years ago, I'm surprised Automobile doesn't say more about this latest generation.

The weakest link, Mercedes?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. No one would have guessed that Merecedes-Benz would be the weakest link over at DaimlerChrysler AG. But there it is mired in customer complaints and aging designs. Chrysler, Daimler's commercial vehicles and the financial services will only keep you afloat for so long (ask Ford). So how does DCX leadership expect to turn things around with Maybach and Smart not selling well and quality issues at Mercedes? "Patience."

Genius burglar gets caught in trunk

The headline almost says it all. This weekend a Fresno burglar locked himself in a trunk and was quickly arrested after banging on the trunk trying to get someones attention. That someone was a security guard at the apartment complex the burglar was "working" in. He had cut himself on another car he was attempting to rob and left a trail of blood to the vehicle he was locked in. The Fresno sheriff on the scene summed it up perfectly, "Genius, pure genius."

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