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Despite a varied lineup of well-received crossovers on the Lexus showroom, the midsize Lexus ES 350 four-door continues to appeal to consumers.

We'll focus on a Ford collaboration that did work: Jaguar's S-Type, whose platform was shared with the Lincoln LS.

Lincoln owners can hire a personal driver.

Ford's luxury division should start a service business and turn its brand identity into an exclusive club.

Lincoln already offers luxury service unrelated to its cars. It should do more of that.

Same aluminum construction, but more horses than its Expedition twin.

The luxury Expedition has arrived.

The problem is not related to the other Takata fiasco.

Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX and Continental models are being recalled.

For those wondering if there's more to Lincoln than a reflective Matthew McConaughey, the debut of Lincoln's all-new Continental should emphatically answer the question.

Once glorious, with Cartier clock and butter-colored interior, but now fallen on hard times.

Here's a worn-out example in a Northern California self-service junkyard.

We think the Navigator concept was closer to production than we realized.

It's still the automaker's second most successful year ever.

It's still the automaker's second most successful year ever.

The list includes the Ford GT, Mustang, and Fusion.

This recall only affects passenger side airbags.

We searched the sales charts of every automaker in America to see which cars and trucks aren't pulling their weight.

And it's not the only Blue Oval that could catch fire.

Ford isn't aware of fires, injuries, or accidents related to either recall.

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