2019 Lincoln Nautilus commercials bring back Matthew McConaughey, plus pool

Trick pool shots demonstrate Lincoln Co-Pilot360 in an interesting way

It's that time of year again, folks, time for another kind of strange, awkward Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial. And, yes, checking back when each ad comes out, it's usually in Decemeber or near the end of the year that these ads are released. This latest ad has the actor hanging out with a group of friends having a generic conversation about something over dinner. They all then head inside, and McConaughey breaks away from the group to walk to a pool table, and he promptly makes a trick shot on the pool table while a woman says "I've never seen that before."

This leads to clips of McConaughey getting into a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus and driving it on beautiful backroads. And before he starts driving, there's a shot of the instrument cluster with a bunch of driver aid options displayed. The woman's words come in again, and he follows it up with his own words, "I have."

Basically, the idea is that the trick shot of the cue ball threading between other billiard balls is like how the Lincoln driver aids help keep the Nautilus under control. Except it's a vague, awkward way of doing it, which is also par (above par?) for the course of McConaughey Lincoln ads. A much better ad accompanies the actor's version. This one features a real trick pool player making some clever shots to illustrate the individual features available on the luxury crossover. They're legitimately nifty shots, and the features are clearly explained. Maybe all of Lincoln's ads should have this pool player.

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