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A U.K. company is making a life-size Tamiya Wild One R/C car

It's based on the groundbreaking radio controlled dune buggy from 1985

Even one of Japan's largest oil companies is now making an electric car

Monster Tajima and the ex-head of Pininfarina are involved, too

The Blaze EV Classic looks like the most fun you can have at 31 mph

Retro-cool neighborhood electric can be licensed as a moped

NEVS Sango autonomous shuttle rises from the ashes of Saab

It will start picking up riders on the streets of Stockholm

You might be able to buy an electric truck for $5,000 ... with a big catch

Kaiyun's Pickman has a top speed of 28 mph

Kaiyun's Pickman has a top speed of 28 mph.

LinkData teases U-Bike NEV for CES

The vehicle has a range of 62 miles and weighs less than 400 pounds.

The Chinese telecom company uses Panasonic batteries in this efficient mobility solution.

Renault announces partners for open-source electric-vehicle platform

Partner OSVehicle makes the Tabby EV base.

Renault says it's the first mass-market automaker to make its electric-vehicle technology open-sourced.

Eli Zero is the electric Smart Fortwo-Renault Twizy mashup you've been craving

And it's debuting at CES 2017.

Eli says it's "reimagining the future of urban mobility."

Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid is a four-wheeled e-bike concept

This vehicle will get you looks, if you're into that sort of thing.

Shaeffler's Bio-Hybrid concept combines the benefits of a pedelec with the comfort of a car.

Recharge Wrap-up: Japan resets hydrogen goals, Renault Twizy in Canada

USC study finds decreased pollution equals fewer lung problems in children.

Japan sets new goals for fuel cell vehicles. A USC study finds associations between cleaner air and healthier lungs in children. The Renault Twizy comes to Canada.

BMW Isetta resurrected as Microlino EV

Will the Nth time be the charm?

Swiss company Microlino is planning to get production of an all-electric quadricycle inspired by the BMW Isetta 'Bubble Car' to start in late 2017.

Recharge Wrap-up: Innova EV Car Share, Mercedes to use CO2 A/C

Honda Tests Solar Chargers On Marshall Islands; Microsoft, ABB Launch Charging Platform

Innova EV Car Share is geared toward college campuses. ABB and Microsoft team up for cloud-connected charging. Honda tests solar charging in the Marshall Islands. Mercedes-Benz to use CO2 as an air conditioning refrigerant.

Ecocruise's bubbly new NEVs want to go off-road

'Beast Mode' Version Has The Best Knobby Tires

Ecocruise unveils three new versions of its neighborhood electric vehicles

This is how China is going to lead the EV pack

Despite a generally down market, EV and PHEV sales are booming in China, and that looks to continue. In June, the volume was over twice as high as in the US.

Recharge Wrap-up: Audi A4 TDI in US, Local Motors' 3D EV sales

EV Charging USA Announces Consulting Services

Local Motors plans to set up microfactories to print consumer EVs. A diesel-powered Audi A4 is expected in March. EV Charging USA helps networks grow.

Recharge Wrap-up: Twizy in Canada, Renault building Bollore Bluecar

Malaysia To Impose B10 Biofuel Mandate

Malaysia's B10 biofuel mandate begins in October. Renault Dieppe plant will build the Bolloré Bluecar. The Twizy EV will be the first Renault sold in North America in decades.

BlueIndy, Indianapolis strike deal to save EV carsharing service

City Council Is Not Pleased

In a controversial move, the city of Indianapolis agrees to provide $6 million to fund charging stations for electric-car car sharing service BlueIndy.

Oregon ready to up EV tax incentive to $3,000

Oregon House Bill 2092 would auction tax credits to fund a series of rebates for alternative-fuel vehicles. Buyers could get $3,000 for an EV purchase.

Recharge Wrap-up: Porsche 911 hybrid possible, Ecocruise EVs coming soon

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell Test Car Hits 300,000 Kilometers; Transport & Environment Criticizes EU's Fuel Quality Directive

The next-generation Porsche 911 could use hybrid power, according to Porsche CEO Matthias Muller. "There is no reason against it and we will see if we have some reasons to do it," Muller says of the model due around 2018. He also suggests that hybrid technology could eventually make its way into all Porsche model lines, but that the John Beltz Snyder

GreenTech Auto restarting production later this year

Will the rubber really hit the road for GreenTech Automotive (GTA) this year? The company said "yes" last week after announcing that it finished building its factory in Tunica, MS. With that done, the company's low-speed neighborhood-electric vehicles (NEV) will start production by the end of 2014. In the meantime, the company is shipping its stuff over from a temporary factory in Horn Lake, MS, about 30 miles away.

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