We don't expect to see Ecocruise's new, electric, off-road vehicles instantly becoming social-media sensations for doing stuff like climbing up 60-degree mud piles or spraying massive amounts of dirt onto an enthusiastic crowd. But we do credit the company for thinking outside the box a bit. And we totally dig those knobby tires on an NEV.

The startup vehicle maker has released three new versions of its little-bitty electric vehicles. One is the straight-ahead Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). Another's the Golf Car model. The third, though, is called Off-Road Experience (OFE). The two-seat vehicle is actually front-wheel drive, but it comes with all sorts of goodies such as a CD player and four-speaker audio system, as well as a removable T-top for all you Smokey and the Bandit fans out there. The company also reflects its Seattle-area base by saying that the ORE is the "Beast Mode" of its electric vehicles, in reference to the nickname of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

All three models have top speed of 35 miles per hour and a single-charge range is 35 miles, though there is an option for a 60-mile-range battery. There's also a one-minute video of the vehicles above, but it sadly doesn't have any shots of the off-road version getting super muddy or anything. But further details can be found here.

Ecocruise was founded in 2008 and makes two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles in addition to these four-wheeled NEVs. Another focus for the company is parking-patrol vehicles.

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