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AutoblogGreen on the Radio

Listen in to a fascinating conversation that took place yesterday on green car politics, featured on the radio show, "Your Call." (KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco, CA). The show gave me a chance to discuss some of my research on "The Clean Car Movement," and also featured Meghan Sinott (Organizer for the Car Free Cities Conf

Convert Your Prius to Run on E85

You've heard about plug-in hybrid conversions to the Toyota Prius. Now, a new company offers another eco-upgrade - E85 conversions. A Dutch firm named GreenFuelSystems has created an E85 bio-ethanol conversion kit that is available for Shannon Arvizu

Will the Real Green Car Advocate Please Stand Up?

Both Senators McCain and Obama have expressed support towards the development of alternative fuel and vehicle technologies - but which candidate has the best green car platform? The Christian Science Monitor brought together five clean energy experts to assess each candidate's platform. Here's where the candidates stand:

Shaq Gets His Smart Car

For those of you who think you'd never fit into a Smart Car, Shaquille O'Neill is defying all doubts. The basketball star has reportedly purchased a Smart Car for his personal use. Myride.com has devised a couple of entertaining diagrams to show how this physical feat can actually be accomplished.

Blade Your Ride: cut emissions and save gas

While much of the green car field is devoted to developing technology of new vehicles, what about the 800 million vehicles already on the road today? What if the technology existed to green your existing vehicle at a low cost and minimal effort to you?

Dispatches from Plug-In 2008: Part 1

Today is the last day of the exciting convention, Plug-In 2008: A Short Drive to Tomorrow, here in San Jose, CA. While I haven't had much chance to post during this time, I have been able to film several interesting presentations and interviews. These video segments will be made available on AutoBlogGreen in the very near future.

Quebec Allows NEVs (Finally!)

Yesterday, government officials in Quebec passed an ordinance to allow neighborhood electric vehicles on the streets. Well, ok, not on just any street.

Entrepreneurs, Dreams, and Promises: Spark EV

Let's say that you are the enterprising sort. Let's also say that you are passionate about electric vehicle technology. You recently learned about a Chinese company that is producing what appear to be some very cool electric vehicles. Given that major OEMs in the US are not producing electric cars, and given that there appears to be a fair amount of consumer demand, you decide to take a chance. You see an opportunity and you take it. You build a company around this product and you start taking o

Wanted: Vehicle Technician for Tesla Dealership

It's definitely a sign of further maturation for the new Tesla Dealership in Santa Monica, CA. Tesla is seeking a "talented and experienced" vehicle technician to service their sexy works of automotive design.


Who's to blame for the current spike in oil prices and who exactly is benefiting? It seems everyone has an answer to these questions lately. Regardless of whether one believes that we should drill the ANWR region, end oil speculation, boost refinery capability, or pressure automakers to deliver fuel-efficient or electric vehicles, it still doesn't take away the current sting of paying more for gas than we've ever experienced.

GM Dealership Increases Sales After Greening

Car dealers are realizing that there's more to green cars than what's under the hood. Check out what this innovative dealership has done to green their entire operations.This dealership houses its own geothermal pump, cleans its cars from recycled water, has a water-soluble paint booth, and powers its repair machinery on biodiesel. And....they've increased their sales as a result!

First International Plug-In Hybrid Convention

"Plug-In 2008: A Short Drive to Tomorrow" is the world's first convention dedicated exclusively to plug-in hybrid technology. The event tales place next week, July 21-24, in San Jose, CA.