First International Plug-In Hybrid Convention

"Plug-In 2008: A Short Drive to Tomorrow" is the world's first convention dedicated exclusively to plug-in hybrid technology. The event tales place next week, July 21-24, in San Jose, CA.
See the full agenda of speakers and further details here.

The convention is a testament to how quickly plug-In hybrid technology is coming of age. It was only in 2004 that a group of curious mechanics decided to see what would happen if they installed a larger battery in their Toyota Prius. They succeeded in boosting the gas mileage to an average of 100 mpg. In the short years that followed, the technology has gathered support from major decision-makers and media pundits around the country. These mechanics helped spawn the budding industry of plug-in hybrid conversion companies and, quite possibly, nudged major industry players in this direction. Of course, we now know these legendary tinkerers as the founders of the plug-in hybrid advocacy group, CalCars.

Next week should be exciting. I will most likely be there as well, since I am currently writing my Ph.D. dissertation on the "Clean Car Movement." As a new member of the AutoblogGreen team, I look forward to bringing our readers the latest news on the most innovative technology and the people behind it.

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