Quebec Allows NEVs (Finally!)

Yesterday, government officials in Quebec passed an ordinance to allow neighborhood electric vehicles on the streets. Well, ok, not on just any street.
The NEVs are only allowed on roads with a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour or less. They must have a triangular sign attached to the rear showing that it is a slow-moving vehicle. And they must not be driven on roads with a slope of 15 per cent (8.5 degrees) or higher.

For anyone familiar with NEVs, however, these regulations are pretty standard. They are commensurate with the performance capabilities of the vehicle.

This is great news for ZENN Motors Co., one of the major manufacturers of NEVs, considering that they are based in Canada. Finally, more Canadians can enjoy the pleasant bliss of a leisurely-paced electric vehicle for all their in-town needs.

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