Convert Your Prius to Run on E85

You've heard about plug-in hybrid conversions to the Toyota Prius. Now, a new company offers another eco-upgrade - E85 conversions. A Dutch firm named GreenFuelSystems has created an E85 bio-ethanol conversion kit that is available for 549 Euros. While the English-language version of the company's site is lacking in substantive information, they are currently being hailed as the first group to bring an E85 conversion kit to the market.
What would be truly remarkable is to see a Prius with both types of conversions: a flex-fuel, plug-in hybrid. While there is much talk about the possibilities of converging both alternative fuel and electric charging capabilities, we have yet to see entrepreneurs and innovators bring such projects to the public. With the emergence of this E85 conversion kit (if it is functional and viable), we may possibly begin to see a new wave of green vehicle renovations. Note: In some respects it is harder to do a flex-fuel hybrid than a plug-in.


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