Wanted: Vehicle Technician for Tesla Dealership

It's definitely a sign of further maturation for the new Tesla Dealership in Santa Monica, CA. Tesla is seeking a "talented and experienced" vehicle technician to service their sexy works of automotive design.
What is interesting are the job requirements. All that is needed are a high school diploma and an A.A. degree in automotive technology (or equivalent experience). I realize that for most other types of vehicle technician positions, this is entirely satisfactory. And, as my good friend, Paul Scott (from Plug In America), writes, "If they make them as good as Toyota made their Rav4 EV, you won't have much to do except chat with some fun people...Well, okay, and rotate the tires and stuff."

Still, I would think that some kind of specialized or credentialed education in electric vehicle technology would be necessary. This position is a prime example of the "green collar job" that is gaining cachet in policy and planning circles. Of course, it takes a while for the educational field to catch up with the emergence of technologically innovative industries. However, in California, there is an established network of community colleges that provides technical training in alternative vehicle technologies.

Surprisingly, many of the courses offered through these colleges are under-enrolled. When speaking with an instructor of a course in electric car conversions at the Long Beach campus this past semester, I was told the course was canceled because students think that "the electric car is dead."

With the advent of more job postings like this, perhaps we will begin to see more youth interest in electric vehicle technology and the expansion of clean vehicle education.

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