Shaq Gets His Smart Car

For those of you who think you'd never fit into a Smart Car, Shaquille O'Neill is defying all doubts. The basketball star has reportedly purchased a Smart Car for his personal use. has devised a couple of entertaining diagrams to show how this physical feat can actually be accomplished.

While Shaq has increased his green cred with his Smart Car purchase, some sites have called him "stupid" for "tasting his knees."

Initially, the Smart Car was not expected to do well in the U.S. due to consumer preferences for large vehicles. SInce production of the Smart Car began in January 2008, however, the vehicle has been in considerable demand.

Roger Penske, chairman of the Penske Automotive Group of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Smart's sole American distributor, has said that, "If Daimler AG of Germany can deliver enough vehicles to the US, Smart sales could reach between 30,000 and 32,000 units in 2009."

In the meantime, the Smart Car EV is reported to still be in the works. A prospective distributor in Arizona is in talks with electric car dealerships to deliver the vehicles in the near future.


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