Who's to blame for the current spike in oil prices and who exactly is benefiting? It seems everyone has an answer to these questions lately. Regardless of whether one believes that we should drill the ANWR region, end oil speculation, boost refinery capability, or pressure automakers to deliver fuel-efficient or electric vehicles, it still doesn't take away the current sting of paying more for gas than we've ever experienced.

That sting has been aptly called "nozzlerage." Some creative filmmakers decided to channel their nozzlerage into an entertaining video on youtube.

Many in the green transportation field see high gas prices as the ultimate motivator to shift the transportation paradigm on a mass scale. Not only are Americans starting to think differently about fossil fuel usage, but they are also acting differently. Current prices have led to the greatest change in driving behavior since the 1970s. While this change is still only a 1% drop in average miles driven over a six month period, it is considered a "historic" phenomenon.

Perhaps nozzlerage can be good thing?

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