You can buy Puma shoes inspired by BMW's fabric concept car

Puma BMW X-Cat Disc
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  • Puma BMW X-Cat Disc
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Back in 2008, BMW revealed the GINA Light Visionary Model – a concept car covered in fabric instead of metal body panels, placing it somewhere in between the fields of automotive design and fashion. Now BMW's Designworks studio applied the same idea to a pair of Puma shoes. The partnership brings the idea full circle: the car imitated shoes and now the shoes imitate the car.

BMW GINA Light Visionary ModelThe new Puma BMW X-Cat Disc sneakers are covered in a single, seamless piece of metallic fabric. Instead of laces, the shoes pack Puma's Disc system that uses hidden wires hooked up to a dial on the tongue for adjustment. As they were for designed for driving, the X-Cat features rolled heels for quick pedal work – just like the Speed Cat, Future Cat, and Drift Cat that Puma furnishes to the likes of BMW Motorsport, Red Bull Racing, and Scuderia Ferrari.

The combination of BMW design, seamless fabric, and high-tech adjustment makes these look like the slickest pair of kicks we've seen since Pininfarina designed sneakers for Fila. (And hopefully more durable. This writer had a pair of those that fell apart rather quickly.) The finished product ought to give the Adidas line by Porsche Design a run for its money when it launches in stores and online at Puma starting this Friday, July 1.

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