After lunch I was really worn out from the track. And i realized I wasn't getting the best feel for these cars in the everyday world. So I decided to go back on the roads of Wisconsin and enjoy the scenery and open lanes without the pressure of the track. I took the GTO and the Corvette Z51 out and turned on the classic rock stations that are indiginous to the area. The weather was finally clearing and it was the perfect setting for a few joyrides.


The new GTO has more horses than last year and snarling dual hoodscoops. But to be honest, it felt exactly like the previous GTO except that it rumbled even more and was very rough at slow speeds. It is an unrefined muscle-car in performance, but the interior is still sharp. I?m also happy they deleted the auto-skip shifting in the 6-speed manual. So no more going from first to fourth gear. If I was in the market for a GTO I?d go out and get last year?s model if possible. And I still love the stealth look of this car.

A Corvette is not stealthy. It is curvaceous and beautiful. Even with the tighter suspension package on the Z51, the Corvette was so much smoother than the GTO it wasn?t even close. This is one of the most engaging and drivable sports cars around and is almost a no-brainer for enthusiasts. I couldn?t figure out how fast 0-60 might be since the car was going 70 mph by the time I could glance down. The HUD is a tad distracting at first, but I got used to it very, very quickly. As an overall package the Corvette is still one of the best performers of anything out here. Along with the new Cadillac STS I drove up to Wisconsin, the Corvette proves GM can build fantastic performers on the road.

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