One thing that helped me reach a number of conclusions about the Ridgeline was the fact that everyone driving other trucks took a look at it. Since I was being eyed often by construction workers, plumbers, lawn guys et al., I took a look at their trucks to see what they could do better than the Rdgeline. The only thing I surmised as a benefit to them was the standard sized bed for additional storage bins. So if Honda made their own I think a lot of these potential buyers might like the added reliability and mileage of the Ridgeline.

There isn?t much the Ridgeline can?t do for even these professionals except tow the large trailers and haul concrete bricks. But the main buyers will be those that like to do yard work, go dirtibike riding, need minimal towing, like the outdoors etc. Honda really missed the boat with those ads of the Ridgeline as a ?take on anything? type of vehicle. They instead should show how cool all the features are for everyday use.

Ridgeline Bed AG
The only thing I don?t seeing being used every day is the in the bed trunk, unless you?re regularly using your back seats. I much preferred the back seat cargo area with the seats raised for my cargo that needed protection (groceries, shopping). Originally I thought this would also be a great place for my dog Roxy to enjoy since it is virtually an interior flatbed pen. But my better half instantly noticed ?she can?t reach the windows.? That?s half the fun for a dog going in the car. But last night I took her for a ride and she sat happily in the back with her head on the front armrest, between the two front seats, sniffing the wind from the open windows. Owners of really large dogs shouldn?t have a problem with them reaching the windows. As the ride went along Roxy just curled up behind the driver?s seat.

Ridgeline Trunk AG
There was plenty I didn?t like including that tailgate. That thing is heavy. If the doors are light as a feather the tailgate feels like a ton of led. It is as heavy as any truck tailgate I?ve experienced. Perhaps Honda could have found a better way to do the dual action gate. And maybe that will be one of the fixes later on.

I also never got over the plastic center cubby. Turning the wheel and simply shifting into drive never became second-nature. After a full week, the Ridgeline still felt like an oddity in many respects, but at least it has me interested enough to give it another chance.

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