I've been a Ridgeline doubter since I saw the thing debut in Detroit back in January. And please hold all the doubting Thomas jokes. After a weekend of highway driving and extensive use of the rear seating area I have to say the Ridgeline performed like a champ. When people say this is the best riding truck out there, they're actually right.

Every review I?ve read has said the same thing. Basically because of the unibody construction the Ridgeline drives like a car based SUV, not a truck. That?s true. But I think the Ridgeline gets another few pluses on the report card for a quiet and smooth ride that even many SUVs don?t manage.

Ridgeline Roof AG
This puppy is also a dream to drive. Sure the steering wheel feels a bit big in the hands, but the truck handles corners with ease and minimal body lean. The sucker is tall too, so the lack of lean is a very nice surprise. I took a number of highway off-ramps at fairly decent speeds and the Ridgeline confidently handled the assignment.

Ridgeline AG
The engine has plenty of power for an empty vehicle. With two passengers not including the driver and minimal luggage it still had plenty of oomph. But I can?t imagine the powerplant towing a trailer and a bed full of gear with any authority. Perhaps a hybrid version could add that extra torque. That would be the right way for Honda to do it instead of trying to develop a V8 engine.

Ridgeline AG
But as a daily driver I?m very happy behind the wheel of the Ridgeline. It?s comfy, has all the bells and whistles, gets lots of looks and there really is a ton of utility to be had. If there is an attractive bed cover I?d definitely add that to my list of options to add even more uses for this thing. Call me a Ridgeline convert. I even dig the design cues in the roof, mirrors and interior. Although, I still think it?s ugly as hell.

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