A long time ago I posted about getting my own car, a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 (yes that's what I've had since my first post-college job), that I wanted to eventually autocross. Well, I finally got around to getting some parts put on the sucker. This morning a friend lent me some garage time and put on a new strut brace for the engine and a much larger rear sway bar (19mm from 13 mm stock) with new polyurethane bushings. I was surprised at how affordable the upgrades were and how great an impact they've had on the small coupe's body lean. Taking sharp turns and twisties is much more enjoyable now, even if the car is nothing compared to most I get to test. Next up is a new set of tires, as much for performance as that my current ones are virtually bald. Hey, it's easy to overlook when you rarely drive your own car.

zx2 bar

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