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Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: 425hp STi with a warranty?

In the vein of popular factory tuners such as Saleen and AMG, the

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: Twin turbo 510

There is hardly a project out there as bitching as the motor

Blogging Gran Turismo 4: Second Opinion

Yes, GT4 has 700 cars (read Autoblog's first impressions

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: More Mazdaspeed 6 goodness

The folks at Sport Compact Car gets their mitts on what seems to be Mazda's

Autoblog tuner tuesdays: Even more Tokyo Auto Salon 2005

From the bowels of the country that brought you singing rice cookers and cellphones with integrated rectal thermometers (no pun intended.  No wait, pun intended.) comes an amalgamation of tuned cars, race queens, and a plethora of meticulously engineered performance parts. Like it or not, a lot of styles seen on the show floor here will inevitably make their way to the streets stateside this summer.  See also: Dave Ko

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: Monster Golf

For those who think Germany has the monopoly on tuned european sport compacts, you needn't look further than Borlange, Sweden. Sweden's…er…Dahlback Racing's claim to fame is a wide body, carbon fiber bodied, all wheel drive Mk IV Golf that spits fire out the side. Powered by a longitudinally mounted five-cylinder Audi powerplant, the monster Golf threw down 850hp to all four wheels at 8000RPM before the dyno stopped sampling properly. This is pretty impressive until you real

Newsflash - cars are expensive

Motortrend reports that the average American spends more of their disposable income on cars than anything else with the exception of food and housing. Those with a habit of driving smaller cars will spend over $240k (vehicle purchases, fuel, insurance, maintenance, taxes/fees) in their expected driving lifetimes while folks with a taste for larger autos are expected to spend nearly $350k. This may come across as a shock to your average consumer, but it gave the missus somet

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: More power for Z owners

Tired of seeing Dodge SRT-4 taillights? Nissan 350Z owners rejoice - more power is just a weekend, HKS supercharger, fifteen missing 10mm wrenches, three inebriated wrench monkey buddies, and keg of beer away. For those not in the know, HKS is Japan's equivalent of Edelbrock or Mopar in the US and is a name equally synonymous with performance.  The kit consists of a revolutionary belt driven centrifugal supercharger that's compact and makes use of turbo components on t

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: Everything you wanted to know about Honda B-Series motors

Remember the different Lego kits that you had when you were a kid? They always started out

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: Twin turbo 350z drag car

The trouble with campaigning a late model drag car (or powerplant for that matter) is the scarcity of performance parts. Drive a 92 honda civic? No problem - would you like those pistons in forged, cast, oversized, or tartar control? After experimenting with nitrous jettings of up to 375hp and subsequently going through shortblocks like they're going out of style, Andrew Rubio's 2003 350z is taking shape. Running a pair of Power Enterprise turbos, the Z car has pulled a best run of

Autoblog Tuner Tuesdays: Is this the quickest Evo in the US?

9.77 seconds at 147mph down the quarter mile. Not funny car territory, but this candy tangerine Turbotrix Evo is a sedan with a four banger, pulling off this run with a full interior, and a mostly stock 5spd manual transmission. To be fair, the hundred shot of nitrous, massive hairdryer, built motor, and air to water intercooler aren't exactly Mitsubishi factory-issue. No-replacement-for-displacement types beware: at first glance, only the 10 point roll cage gives any hint

Tuner Tuesdays: News flash, RSX-S owners can have their cake and eat it too

Mmmmm. Cake. When dealing with small displacement powerplants, extracting extra horsepower has usually come with tradeoffs in one form or another. Short of going forced induction, your traditional airflow modifications will usually drop low end torque and increase the peakiness of your powerband. RSX type S owners take heart, Toda Racing has a package that'll let you down a box of Crispy Cremes without having to stick your finger down your throat.&#

Tuner Tuesdays: MazdaSpeed 6, turbocharged all wheel drive formula for success

Joining the ranks of the Mazdaspeed Miata and Protege next summer,

What do you want on your Eclipse?

I've been chosen to participate in a focus group hosted by Mitsubishi this week to give suggestions on what the next Eclipse should be. While I don't know how finalized the specs on the 2006 model are, it's good to know that Mitsubishi is actively seeking feedback. Should it remain true to the turbo/all wheel drive powertrain found in the first two generations or should they break the mold on this one? Three ideas come to mind - evo powerplant, rear wheel drive, a

Remodel your house the Subaru way

Need to take out that pesky wall in your house but don't want to fork over expensive demolition dollars? No problem! Jackhammers and underpaid immigrant labor can't begin the replicate the type of hole a speeding WRX can make. In the words of the driver.. "I mean sitting here now or about ten minutes after it happened I could think of tons of ways to avoid what happened… but ATM I was seriously comin over the crest of this hill WOT and at that moment knew it was NOT gonna

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