Tired of seeing Dodge SRT-4 taillights? Nissan 350Z owners rejoice - more power is just a weekend, HKS supercharger, fifteen missing 10mm wrenches, three inebriated wrench monkey buddies, and keg of beer away. For those not in the know, HKS is Japan's equivalent of Edelbrock or Mopar in the US and is a name equally synonymous with performance.  The kit consists of a revolutionary belt driven centrifugal supercharger that's compact and makes use of turbo components on the intake side. Coupled with an air to air aftercooler and a bevy of fuel enrichment systems, this kit puts down an additional 88 horses to the wheels for a total of over 325 rear wheel horsepower. The best part is that this kit is currently undergoing CARB approval so it should soon be 50 state smog legal.

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