Joining the ranks of the Mazdaspeed Miata and Protege next summer, the new thoroughly reworked 6 has a 274 hp turbocharged four banger coupled with a 6-speed all wheel drive transmission - a combo that allows Mazda to compete in the same arena as the STi and Evolution. As we have come to expect from Mazdaspeed, a bevy of suspension enhancements, 18" wheels, updated front and rear fascias, interior trim bits, and a 200 watt Bose stereo will accompany the new powertrain while standard dynamic stability control will keep you from getting killed while putting the smack down on the RX-8. This brings an interesting point to mind: with twenty four more ponies and AWD, would the Mazdaspeed 6 cut into sales of the potentially (and arguably) slower flagship? (My spidey sense is predicting overwhelming cries of apples and oranges).

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