Mmmmm. Cake. When dealing with small displacement powerplants, extracting extra horsepower has usually come with tradeoffs in one form or another. Short of going forced induction, your traditional airflow modifications will usually drop low end torque and increase the peakiness of your powerband. RSX type S owners take heart, Toda Racing has a package that'll let you down a box of Crispy Cremes without having to stick your finger down your throat. The stock honda K20 dynoes at 170 hp to the wheels. Toda's engine kit which consists of cams, uprated valve springs and an ECU reflash combined with an intake/header/exhaust combo nets a whopping 57.5 hp to the wheels, upping the total to almost 230 wheel hp (which, incidentally is what a stock Evolution dynoes at). Closer inspection of the dyno plots show that this was accomplished with massive power and torque gains at every single point in the powerband. The price to play is over $2,300, so start dropping hints to your significant other before the holiday rush.

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