For those who think Germany has the monopoly on tuned european sport compacts, you needn't look further than Borlange, Sweden. Sweden's…er…Dahlback Racing's claim to fame is a wide body, carbon fiber bodied, all wheel drive Mk IV Golf that spits fire out the side. Powered by a longitudinally mounted five-cylinder Audi powerplant, the monster Golf threw down 850hp to all four wheels at 8000RPM before the dyno stopped sampling properly. This is pretty impressive until you realize that this motor revs to an unholy 11,000RPM with the power curve rising sharply just before redline. Shop owners swear up and down that the power figures are much closer to 1,200hp at the crank. Dragstrip antics are death-defying as the car will go sideways with every shift, resulting in low 12 second ETs…. at 150mph.

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