What better icon for the automotive aftermarket then the project car? When you succeed, it's glorious. When you fail (more often than not) the dreams and joy of ogling shiny new parts soon fade away. This is my friend Eric's 1986 300zx. It was worth about $2000 at the time, and is pretty much the least popular Z in existence. Another friend put ideas in his head and $15,000 in parts and 18 visits by UPS later, we had ourselves a proper project car. Turbo and nitrous (which was all the rage back then) would make this a solid 10 second street car.

That was 5 years ago. Eric's married now and the car sits in my shop collecting dust and in a bazillion pieces. When his missus complained, we did what every car guy has done since the beginning of time when they couldn't finish - part everything out for pennies on the dollar. Click the picture above to see what $15,000 in broken dreams looks like.

What are some of your project-car-stole-the-wealth-of-my-youth stories?

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