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We announced earlier today that Autoblog v4.0 would debut between 10-11PM EST, but we're still waiting on a part that's yet to arrive. As such, we've decided to push the debut back an hour or so to Midnight EST.

Don't hold your breath for an electric Scion iQ anytime soon. Toyota executives are certainly good at sticking to the company line. Toyota officials have repeatedly downplayed the potential for pure battery electric vehicles and Yoshimi Inaba is no exception. Inaba-san is the newly-minted President and COO of Toyota Motor North America and Chairman and CEO of Toyota Motor Sales USA. Three weeks after taking over the top spot at Toyota in North America, Inaba-san came to Detroit to speak with a g

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The Ford Motor Company is not going to chase GM and do a plug-in series hybrid like the Volt. In fact, the Blue Oval thinks that approach is a mistake. Instead, Ford is taking a three-pronged attack to developing hybrid and electric vehicles, with one technology building upon the other.

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It's been six years since director F. Gary Gray assembled an all-star cast including Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland to recreate the Michael Caine classic The Italian Job. And though the remake bore little resemblance to the original, the one part which the modern pretenders made sure to include was a recreation of the famous Mini police chase scene. Leave it to the Brits, though, to reclaim their national treasure, as new reports indicate that

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General Motors European sales chief, Brent Dewar, will reportedly be named the head of Chevrolet in the most recent management shake-up to take place within a post-bankruptcy GM.

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