Nissan's EV sign-up page - Click above to enlarge

Nissan has been building up anticipation for it's new all-electric sedan over the past few months as it goes around the world setting up partnerships to promote electric vehicles. To make sure the word about the new car gets out in a big way on August 1 (in Japan, Aug. 2 here in the States), Nissan has set up a page that calls the EV "one of the most exciting programs we've ever undertaken" and collects email addresses from people interested in learning more about the car. While we were adding our names, we also took their survey and discovered the following question:
In what type of residence do you live? Why do we need to know this? When you buy an electric car, you'll also have the option of buying charging equipment for your residence. It's helpful for us to know the different types of situations we may need to accommodate.)
Granted, that doesn't explicitly say that Nissan will provide the charging equipment when the car goes on sale in 2011 or so, but it's a pretty good hint, don't ya think? Thanks to lne937s for the tip!

[Source: Nissan]

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