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Neil Young drives the car that a lot of people wish they could. First, it's a diesel car, running on biodiesel. Second, it's a plug-in hybrid. Third, it's a 1959 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. Grunge has been good to Neil.

UPDATE: It turns out there were actually some running and driving versions of this car, link in text below.

It looks like the German automakers may be getting at least some of what they were looking for in the new European CO2 regulations. Car-makers like Porsche, Mercedes, and Audi have been pushing for scaled-back limits on CO2 emissions based on vehicle size, a change that would allow them to continue making big, powerful cars.

Say what you will about the styling of the Mazda Taiki concept that's currently on display in Tokyo. It's quite possible that what's underneath is more interesting, anyway. Under the hood of the Taiki is a new gen rotary engine from Mazda called the 16X Renesis. Of course, the Rotary engine has its share of detractors, but Mazda's sticking with it anyway.

C-NET's Michael Kanellos did a little thinking out loud this week when he tried to list all of the electric car start-up companies (not major automakers working on EVs). He counted 16 small companies. The names on this list will be familiar to just about anyone who reads AutoblogGreen, but I thought it was interesting to see them all gathered in one place:

After a considerable number of plants had rejected it, the new four-year contract between the UAW and Chrysler LLC has finally been ratified. Despite late surges of approval from a number of plants, the voting was still very close. The UAW reports that the contract was approved by 56% of production workers, 51% of skilled trades workers, 94% of office and clerical workers and 79% of engineers represented by the UAW. You'll remember that the contract came at the conclusion of a 6-hour token strik

It looks the new 3.0L V-6 clean diesel that Nissan is working up with corporate partner Renault for 2010 will find it's way into a wide variety of vehicles from the company, including the upscale Infiniti brand. Back in mid-August Nissan filed several new trademarks including EX30D, G30D, FX30D, and M30D. These names all fit Infiniti's standard nomenclature with a 3.0L engine and the D designating a diesel. The attractive G30D would be a particularly appealing combination in the mid-sized sport

Last month we became very interested in the plight of Canadian consumers after witnessing first hand the disparity between the price of automobiles in their country and the U.S. The disparity became crystal clear when the Canadian Looney and U.S. dollar spent some time at parity, which revealed that, for instance, a Lincoln Navigator starting at $47,755 in this country goes for $76,299 in Canada. The range of disparity varies from car to car, but it's there on every model sold in the Great White

On Thursday, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food (that sounds like a good job) Jean Ziegler presented his annual report to the General Assembly. In it, Ziegler called for a five-year moratorium on building biofuel manufacturing plants that use food feedstocks (i.e., corn, palm oil). Biopact has all the details.

We go to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for the cars, but there are other modes of transportation present that pique our curiosity, as well. Take this quadracycle, for instance, built by Bourget Bike Works. We've seen quadracycles before, but not any stuffed with a 425-hp small block V8 like the Shredder here. We can't even tell where they're hiding the V8 under the hot rod-inspired aluminum body work, but it's supposedly there and spins those blingtastic 17-inch aluminum wheels in the rear with aba

For every major auto show these days, Honda presents a gallery of images and videos on its corporate website. For the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, which is now taking place, Honda is highlighting not just the CR-Z hybrid and FCX and Puyo, but also the good old Civic hybrid and wheelchair accessibility.

The Ford GT has always been badass. When it went into production in 2003, all of those kit cars from back in the day suddenly paled in comparison to a genuine GT40-inspired supercar. It was a relative bargain, too. Of course, when we say relative bargain, we mean expensive. Always willing to settle, we've found a way to claim with a straight face that we own a GT. It's still not cheap, but it's hundreds, not hundreds of thousands. Winding Road has pointed us to the 1:6 scale remote control Ford

Below the fold are three videos from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The first video includes many green cars like the Toyota Nissan Pivo 2, Audi Metroproject, Honda CR-Z and Toyota Hi-CT. The most interesting part of that video is a tour of the Hi-CT which shows the ignition on the ceiling and mini Segway-like vehicles on the back. The plug being pulled out of the hybrid Metroproject was also very interesting as well. The second video is just the hybrid Metroproject with shots of the interior. The t

France's flag is no longer red, white and blue, it's green. President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a set of measures to make the country advance towards sustainable development. The initiatives were announced after the conclusion of the Grenelle de l'environment negotiations. The Grenelle (a word that comes from the students' revolution in Paris in May '68) was a set of conversations among government, industry, environmental groups and unions.

Has Ernie Boch Jr. let the cat out of the bag? Autoblog reader Jason tipped us that he heard a fleeting mention of the 2008 Honda Accord being Motor Trend's Car Of The Year during a commercial for a seasonal promotion at the national sales champ dealership. Could it be that Jason's sharp ear has uncovered Motor Trend's announcement traditionally made in November? Boch Honda's website mirrors the statement that Jason heard, as well, offering a "newly redesigned 2008 Honda Accord LX, Motor Trend's

The Chevy Volt is still at least three years from Job 1 but there are almost surely parts of it prowling the streets of Southeast Michigan. Whenever a new vehicle is developed there are components that are ready for testing out of sequence. Long before all the necessary parts to build full prototypes are ready, the bits that are available will be bolted onto other existing vehicles so they can be evaluated. When GM first showed us Volt at the end of last year they told us that parts such as elec