Meet the company that builds the Zap! Xebra

By the way, it's not Zap!
Zap! doesn't actually manufacture any of the vehicles they sell. They are basically just a marketing organization for Chinese built three-wheelers. The Xebra and an assortment of other models are built by Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Co. The company started off by selling gasoline-powered versions of these vehicles and later added battery editions.

These vehicles are pretty common in some parts of China and gas-powered versions sell for prices as low as $1,500. Interestingly they offer a number body variants including the Baoma, pictured, which bears some design hints of a certain hybrid sedan. Ironically the FL150/200ZK-2 has front end styling that closely mimics the Chery QQ, which is of course a duplicate of the Daewoo Matiz. It's unclear how much the electric versions cost in China or how many are sold there.

[Source: Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Co., thanks to Darryl for the tip]

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