Neil Young's 1959 Lincoln runs on biodiesel and can be plugged-in

Neil Young drives the car that a lot of people wish they could. First, it's a diesel car, running on biodiesel. Second, it's a plug-in hybrid. Third, it's a 1959 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. Grunge has been good to Neil.
Nicknamed Linc-Volt, Young's car actually isn't a PHEV yet. It's undergoing a conversion this fall. Neil says the car will embody, "Classic Americana from then meeting the Americana of now." Details on who and where should be more available when the Linc-Volt documentary film is released.

Oh, and as an aside to Ecorazzi's Michael, where I first read about Young Neil's badassmobile: you criticize Pearl Jam once more and, and, ... well, nothing, but I heartily disagree that the Neil Young/Pearl Jam partnership is a bad thing. Sure, Mirror Ball was neither Young's nor Pearl Jam's finest record, but "Act of Love" and "I'm The Ocean" are wonderful songs. Anyone who's heard what the boys from Seattle do with "Rockin' in the Free World" - or knows that PJ regularly performs at Young's Bridge School benefit shows - knows that the Canadian is more than happy with the team-up.

UPDATE: Reader JM writes in to tell us Young's ride is actually a 1960 Mark IV and is being worked on by Joshua Goodwin.

UPDATE II: And check out what Goodwin can do to a Caddy EXT:

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[Source: Google, via Ecorazzi]

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