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For those of you that weren't around to witness Mitsubishi's theatrical reveal of the Lancer on January 8th, the webcast from lancerproject.com has been posted on YouTube.

Automotive parts and assembly plants produce a lot of solid waste. When they stamp/cut out all the liners, insulation, parts and assorted other components, they always have lots of scraps leftover.

The S2000 is already about the wind in your hair, rorty sounds out the back and high velocities. For the Tokyo Auto Salon, Mugen has mutated Honda's lithe little performer into the Open Top Pure Sport Concept.

I picked up this little story from The Scooter Scoop, which I can always count on to have funny little blurbs of interest. It seems that UK Transportation Chief Martin Mullaney has been chided for not taking his own advice, which is to ride the bus to work. The problem? He rides his scooter. I can appreciate the Lambretta myself, being a lover of most things on two wheels, but those old two-stroke motors are quite the polluters. Modern scooters are almost all four-strokers these days, and the tw

The nice folks over at Nihon Car and Bike have been letting out a few choice pieces of automotive tunage straight from the Nippon Convention Center at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS).

The hourly doses of double shots of espresso have now worn off and I can look back and reflect on my first North American International Auto Show as a member of the media. I've attended this show many times before during the supplier previews and also during the public days, but this was a whole different experience. We had a team of seven writers from Autoblog and AutoblogGreen, madly photographing, writing, editing, selecting, uploading and then heading back down to the show floor for the next

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You wanna make a point about the ever-moving goalposts of the hydrogen economy? You can leave a note in our comments (something we appreciate), or you could start up a personal blog on the topic (that's also cool). If you want a few more people to hear you, why not write a book about it? That's what Darryl McMahon did, and his new book The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy details that even though vehicle manufacturers are steadily moving towards getting hydrogen vehicles on the roads, the delay in

The same ethos employed by the Ariel Atom is being channeled by GTM, a small car producer based in the UK, whose previous hits include the Spyder and Libra.

Okay, so it's not actually called the MX-5 in Japan. It's simply known as the Roadster. But regardless, this is one modified Miata we certainly wouldn't mind seeing Stateside.

Here is a high quality gallery where you can view pictures of the scooter which sometimes is called only "Scoot", and at other times is called the "Electroscoot". Whatever you choose to call it, the vehicle is an electric-powered, two-wheeled alternative means of transportation.

It would seem that BMW reads Autoblog. How else would you explain them, at least partially, answering our question about how a conventional automobile would utilize some of the hybrid demon-tweaks?

It's Saturday, the first public day of the NAIAS in Detroit, and you want to go see the Volt. Or the Ford Airstream. Or maybe the Ryuga. Whatever holds your interest, if you're going down to Cobo Hall, why not take public transportation? Like they did during the World Series last fall, the Detroit People Mover office has released a series of tips on getting the most out of Park & Ride options (read them all after the jump). The gist is that you can park at one of the People Mover stations (G

There's something to be said about cheap, mid-engine vehicles. Namely, there are far too few of them. Thankfully, a group of highly motivated and overly caffeinated students at the Nihon Automotive College in Japan brought two of Honda's greatest (only?) mid-engine offerings together.

He's big. He's black. He's an international superstar. And he's in Japan.

For those of you plagued with the apparent injector problems on your 6-liter PowerStroke V8, you'll be pleased to know that Ford isn't taking any guff from the engine's supplier, International Truck and Engine Corp.