Tokyo Auto Salon: Nissan Skyline Aero concept

The nice folks over at Nihon Car and Bike have been letting out a few choice pieces of automotive tunage straight from the Nippon Convention Center at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS).

The TAS has historically been a showcase for aftermarket tuning houses to show off their wares, but over the past several years, the OEM manufacturers have been getting into the game more and more.

Case in point: the brand new Nissan Skyline (or Infiniti G35 on these shores) sedan gets a full body massage, with the addition of a new front fascia, side skirts, a small spoiler, and a revised rear bumper to house a set of enlarged exhaust outlets. Although it isn't clear how the Skyline got its new stance, the whole package is dropped over a set of nine-spoke, 20-inch wheels.

No information was provided about what, if any, mods were performed within the engine bay, but knowing how Nissan's engineers can get when left alone with some R&D dollars, we'd expect something pretty entertaining.

[Source: Nihon Car & Bike]

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