"The Hydrogen economy is a bad idea - a really, really bad idea"

You wanna make a point about the ever-moving goalposts of the hydrogen economy? You can leave a note in our comments (something we appreciate), or you could start up a personal blog on the topic (that's also cool). If you want a few more people to hear you, why not write a book about it? That's what Darryl McMahon did, and his new book The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy details that even though vehicle manufacturers are steadily moving towards getting hydrogen vehicles on the roads, the delay in building the H2 infrastructure (read this post if for more info on that) is what's going to hold everything up.
The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy was published last September and, in an article from this week's Montreal Gazette, McMahon takes California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to task for the much-hyped hydrogen Hummer unveiled in 2004 (the thing couldn't drive to the unveiling because it has a range of only 80 miles, and there weren't any hydrogen fueling stations along the way).

McMahon falls more on the "use the technology we've got now – hybrids, EVs, etc." side of things. And, what about waiting for decades for the hydrogen economy? "The hydrogen economy is a bad idea - a really, really bad idea," McMahon told the Montreal Gazette.

[Source: Shannon Lee Mannion / Montreal Gazette via Automotive.com and our old friend Joel A.]

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