Here's 30 minutes of straight-up, weirdly calming Porsche Taycan production footage

The paint process is particularly fascinating

The tech in modern automotive manufacturing is as impressive as the tech in the cars themselves, even more so. With new interpretations of the production line, cars skate through like a cart on a roller coaster, as robotic arms precisely piece them together and apply paint. It's a mesmerizing dance. Porsche just released about 30 minutes of virtually unedited footage from the Taycan assembly line, and it's like ASMR for your retinas.

As Porsche continues to spar with Tesla over who has a faster four-door electric car on the track, there's claim it can make with certainty: It has far more experience building cars, as demonstrated by its refined process. The raw video from within the Zuffenhausen, Germany, production hub, shows a super-clean futuristic community of robots and humans hard at work. 

The video starts with the base Taycan skeleton. It then shows how robots add panels, doors, and other parts of the shell. At times, more than five robots are working on the car at once. Human workers then go over the car and check the vehicle for mistakes or inconsistencies. The car then moves to paint prep, which is our favorite part of the footage. There's something extremely satisfying about watching the Taycan body take a nosedive into a pool of liquid (primer?) before it is rubbed down by giant robotic brushes. Sleeved robot arms then blow the car dry and apply a beautiful coat of paint. The paint process starts at 7:00 minutes. 

At about 15:10, the video moves to production of the car's mechanicals, including assembly of the powertrain. Equally as interesting as the motor itself are the tools and methods the human workers use to put the car together. Watch the full video for a a calming 30 minutes in your day, and read more about the Taycan in our full first drive review.

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