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Coronavirus has led to the rise of the disinfecting robots

According to the WHO, traditional cleaning methods are only 60% effective

Ford will buy first two bipedal robots for commercial vehicle research

Named 'Digit,' the robot aims to fill a role in online retailing and delivery

Toyota is using VR to train robots as in-home helpers

The VR training system allows human teachers to train robots on arbitrary tasks

Toyota's Olympic robots offer virtual attendance and athlete assistance

A cart-like robot scuttles across the field to bring back javelins and discuses

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp., a major Olympic sponsor, is readying various robots for next year's Tokyo Olympics. The latest "field support robot," which looks like a cart, will also be picking things up: the javelin, discus or hammer on the Olympic field.

Watch autonomous FedEx SameDay Bot deliver pizza to Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

It'll begin testing in select cities this summer

It'll begin testing in select cities this summer.

Amazon testing home delivery by 'Scout' self-driving robots

They'll roam a Seattle-area suburban neighborhood

Amazon is bringing delivery robots to the streets of a Seattle suburb. The online shopping giant says it started to test self-driving robots in Snohomish County, Washington, Wednesday that can bring Amazon packages to shoppers' doorsteps. The robots are light blue, about the size of a Labrador retriever, have six wheels and the Amazon smile logo stamped on its side, according to Amazon photos. Six of them will be roaming the sidewalks and streets of the neighborhood. A

Automakers are hiring more people, despite automation robots

Most publicly traded automakers grew workforce since 2013

An analysis finds 11 of 13 publicly traded automakers grew staff since 2013.

Honda kills off its adorable Asimo humanoid robot

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

But the technology will live on with useful real-world applications

Man vs. machine: Racing driver takes on robot, John Henry-style

Is Roborace self-driving race car faster than a professional driver?

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This kind of creepy Ghost Minitaur robot looks freaky fast

This little bot is terrifying or amazing depending on your point of view

GhostRobotics has created a small robot that is capable of jumping obstacles and climbing structures. Ghost Minitaur was developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. The all-terrain robot is agile and adaptable to its surroundings. Learn more at ghostrobotics.io Transcript: This robot looks freaky fast. Ghost Minitaur from GhostRobotics is a lightweight unmanned robot. Developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. This all-terrain robot is able to

Autobots roll out! Transforming robot unveiled in Japan

Today's strange Japanese robot news

A Transformers-style, humanoid robot that can shape-shift into a sports car in about 60 seconds was unveiled in Japan on Wednesday.

Does Elon dream of electric robots?

Sleeping among the machines, he has underestimated humans

Elon Musk is not using one of those tarps that cover coils of aluminum delivered to the Tesla stamping facility as his blanket. Nor is he resting his head on a pillow made from absorbent mats used to deal with factory spills. At least it is unlikely.

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The home robot

Kuri is the home robot you never knew you needed. Designed to blend in like a member of the family. Mapping sensors enable kuri To navigate your home autonomously. Transcript: Kuri is the home robot you never knew you needed Designed to blend in like a member of the family. Mapping sensors enable kuri To navigate your home autonomously. It’s able to find you in your home with Facial and speech recognition. And is equipped with speakers and a Microphone for two-way communication. Kuri

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Watch two robots work together to get through a door

Transcript: Robotic teamwork makes the robotic dream work. Robotics maker Boston Dynamic’s latest video shows one robot helping another robot. The video begins with a 30 kg SpotMini robot struggling to get through a closed door. Before the bot gives up a four-legged friend with a “fifth arm” comes around the corner to lend a “hand.” If you love robotics, are a sci-fi fan, or just like cool videos you need to check out the Boston Dynamics YouTube page. Boston Dynamics began as a spin-off from MI

Honda robots, vehicles powered by new Mobile Power Packs

Honda's swappable batteries power almost anything.

These robot helpers and EVs get their power from Honda's mobile batteries.

Video: Nimbo security robots heroically defend office park

Turing Video's Segway-based robot can act autonomously or with a person on it

Robocop to the rescue.

Cute Honda robots coming to 2018 CES

Plus a portable, swappable EV battery pack and a recharging system.

Plus a portable, swappable battery pack for EVs and a recharging system.

Me and my VR robotic shadow: Toyota’s T-HR3 copies our movements, can even dab

“They will not simply be useful. They will also be fun and friendly.”

The humanoid robot pairs with a virtual reality platform and has medical, construction, disaster and space applications.

Honda's cutesy robot cooler keeps drinks within reach

Basically, it's an autonomous cooler with giant eyes.

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Humanoid robot F.E.D.O.R. | Autoblog Minute

FEDOR is an anthropomorphous robot from Russia, designed to replace a person in difficult conditions. In 2021 the humanoid robot will be sent to space in an unmanned spaceship to assist astronauts.

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