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FEDOR is an anthropomorphous robot from Russia, designed to replace a person in difficult conditions. In 2021 the humanoid robot will be sent to space in an unmanned spaceship to assist astronauts.

Franklin Robotics has created a Roomba for your garden. Tertill is a solar powered week wacker that can live in your garden. Currently a Kickstarter campaign Tertill shipments are scheduled to begin in 2018.

The Silicon Valley startup Knightscope went to New York to launch their Mini-IPO.

South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology and designer Vitaly Bulgarov created a pilot operated mech suit, Method-2.

Boston Dynamics released new video of its Handle research robot.

Agility Robotics created a two-legged delivery robot named Cassie.

Leaked footage of a new Boston Dynamics Nightmare Inducing Robot. A self balancing robot on two wheels.

Starship Technologies aims to disrupt delivery methods in 2017, using a new autonomous robot.

It makes the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader look like a child's toy.

Tanks are so 20th century.

Toyota will begin selling the Kirobo Mini talking companion bot in select dealerships in Japan for about $391.

Kirobo Mini is as smart as a 5-year old and wants to chat.

Toting a machine gun and a rocket launcher, this small drone means business.

Video, originally posted by The Baghdad Post, shows Alrobot in action, zipping across desert scrub and firing its cannon.

The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System can carry an M240 machine gun or a 40-mm grenade launcher.

Controlled and reloaded by an infantryman, MAARS is a long way from being a true Terminator, but it is an armed robot and that's still kind of scary.

A woman in Boston accidentally stumbled upon something unnatural lurking in the forest as she walked her dog on a nature trail.

Three-foot-tall helpers could change how assembly lines work.

This new robotic technology could be a big help to assembly workers and offer more design freedom.

Its manufacturer can swap in parts its customers need.

So, how many steps are we from Skynet now?

Disney has a wall-climbing robot that can transition from ground to wall with ease. Vertigo, a four wheel robot is controlled by an onboard computer. It uses two propellers to thrust onto walls.

Domino's Pizza is beating swords into plowshares in Australia by re-purposing military training robots into autonomous pizza delivery vehicles.

Nissan has a solution for office chair problems, if such a thing exists.

Disney's prototype VertiGo robot uses two tilting propellers to drive up walls, adjusting its thrust to stick to any surface.

Not only has Yamaha built a creepy motorcycle-riding robot, its goal is to beat Valentino Rossi around a track. The tech might even hit the street someday.

Volvo is working on a project that has robots pick up your trash while a human oversees everything from the relative comfort of the garbage truck.

Hitchbot, the hitchhiking robot, won't be arriving in San Francisco as planned at the end of its cross-country journey. The machine was vandalized and destroyed in Philadelphia just a couple weeks after beginning the trip.

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