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Next-gen BMW M4 Convertible spied for the first time

It was spotted near the Nurburgring

BMW M4 Convertible spied
BMW M4 Convertible spied / Image Credit: CarPix
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We haven’t seen the next-gen BMW M4 coupe yet, but the convertible M car was just caught near the Nurburgring by one of our spy shooters. It’s the same roof style for the regular 4 Series, too — the soft top version of that has been running around for awhile without the coupe in sight.

With the next-gen 4 Series convertible going with the soft roof over a hard shell, it comes as no surprise to see the M4 do the same – and the weight savings will be appreciated. The car’s lines and styling are fairly well hidden with the camouflage it’s wearing, but it looks a tad conservative for the time being. Those fenders certainly stick much further out than any normal 4 Series, but they’re still not ultra-wide hips. BMW has done well in covering up the car’s front-end design. With the recent kidney grilles from BMW going through some (controversial) changes, we wonder what’s in store for the new M cars.

Another not-so-subtle M touch on this car is brake related. We can see big, drilled rotors and similarly large blue calipers beneath the large, black wheels. There’s some obvious sculpting along the sides, but nothing that causes our eyebrows to budge. Expect to see BMW repurpose the new boosted inline six we drove in the X3 M and X4 M in both the M4 and M3 when they come out. We happened to love that engine’s character in the crossovers and expect to be similarly impressed in the proper sedans when the cars are released.

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