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Next-generation Ford F-150 spied testing with new bodywork

Previous powertrain prototypes used the current truck's body

2022 Ford F-150
2022 Ford F-150 / Image Credit: KGP Photography
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We've seen a few prototypes of electrified Ford F-150 pickups the last few months, and while interesting in their own right, they've all worn the current truck's body. So we're excited to present spy photos of a next-generation Ford F-150 that actually has fresh bodywork. It's well covered, but there are interesting details to spot, and some that should reassure traditional F-150 fans.

Overall, the truck looks like a simple evolution of the current truck. It's square and slab-sided for the most part. The exceptions are pronounced fender arches. The drop from the center of the hood to the edges doesn't look to be as severe as on the current model. The grille still bulges up and down a bit in the middle, but it doesn't look like it's much more dramatic than the current truck. The most notable difference is at the back of the cab where there appears to be a spoiler. The mirrors have also been changed to have chunky unobscured hinges in their middles. These could represent a new, more compact tow mirror design.

We also get a peek at the mechanical rear end of the truck. It has a trusty live rear axle with leaf springs like every F-150 before it. This is noteworthy because an electric version of the new F-150 was spied with independent rear suspension. So we know the regular internal combustion trucks won't have any radical changes. We still think the electric model will use independent suspension for space reasons, though.

We probably won't see the revealed F-150 for a couple of years. Ford previously announced models it would show over the next two years, and the F-150 was not one of the five mentioned. We wouldn't be surprised if the F-150 was shown soon after. If so, that could likely make it a 2022 Ford F-150, though a 2021 is still possible. We know that full electric F-150 is in development based on prototypes, and there's a hybrid model coming very soon. These would likely join Ford's line of turbocharged V6s, along with a potential return of diesel. Ford has announced it is slowing production of F-150 V8 engines due to dwindling demand, so it's certainly possible that the next-generation truck won't offer one.

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