'Millennial' NASCAR paint scheme is real, and it's awkward

It's the result of a social media joke

What started as a mildly funny joke has turned into a cringe-worthy reality. We're talking about the "millennial" themed Busch Beer-sponsored Ford Mustang NASCAR race car that Kevin Harvick will drive in the Monster Energy All-Star Race on May 18. Last November, Busch Beer tweeted that 43-year-old Kevin Harvick, described as an "old guy," would win a race at Homestead, and if he didn't, Busch would create a millennial car. The tweet was accompanied by a hastily created rendering of the possible paint scheme loaded with emojis and supposedly popular millennial things and phrases.
As you've probably inferred at this point, Harvick didn't win (he finished third, our friend and millennial Joey Logano won). And Busch Beer held up its end of the joke with a real millennial car. The color changed from plain white to a pale pink. There are significantly fewer emojis and phrases scattered about (perhaps to make room for sponsor decals?). But the ones that remain are rough. There's the obligatory avocado toast emojis, because we millennials apparently subsist on the stuff. Busch Beer has rammed itself into a number of popular phrases with Busch Beer AF plastered on the hood, a bunch of Busch cans lined up with the phrase "#SquadGoals" written out under it, and "Busch Beer is BAE" with a heart eyes emoji. Oh, there's also a Busch can with a dog face filter over it. Yep, you nailed it, Busch, all us millennials are avocado-downing smartphone addicts and nothing else.

As annoying as the whole thing is, we do have to give the designers a little credit for a couple clever NASCAR uses of stereotypical millennial phrases. The best is on the right side of the car, and instead of "turnt up," the car says "turnt left." And each side has the onomatopoeia of tires screeching: "skrrt, skrrt." Too bad the rest of the car is a bummer. We'll take the DogeCoin NASCAR or marijuana-dispensary drift car any day over this try-hard machine.

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