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Gen-Z less likely to drive distracted than older generations

The kids are alright: Gen-X, Boomers, Millennials use phones more

Their Gen-X parents, young Boomers and Millennials use their phones more.

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Toyota FT-4X concept is an off-roader for Millennials

Lots of retro touches, like the recently departed FJ Cruiser.

Forget the stupid millennial pitch, the Chrysler Portal Concept is full of good ideas

Millennials: They're just like us!

Spoiler alert: The best package for flexible hauling of people and cargo is still a minivan.

Millennials don't want cars, but Generation Z does

They prefer "traditional, practical, and trusted" brands.

Teenagers today aren't super exited about Tesla, despite valuing sustainability and autonomous driving.

J.D. Power study finds Millennials love rental cars

J.D. Power's latest North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study finds that enthusiasm among Millennials boosts the ratings of the whole industry. Enterprise grabs the title as the best company for the second year in a row.

Study finds interest in electric vehicles remains flat

A Harris Poll conducted in May found that consumer interest in full-electric and electric-assisted vehicles hasn't changed in the past two years.

More data shows that Millennials don't like driving

Culprits Include Attitudes, Generation-Specific Conditions

This time, a report says millennials are actually driving less than their predecessors.

Young car buyers prefer to buy cars online. Who knew?

Young buyers are increasingly turning away from showroom visits when car shopping in favor of comparing potential purchases online. Dealers are learning how to adapt.

After further review, Millennials like cars after all

Despite what you may have heard, Millennials actually do like driving. An MTV study examines why Generation Y really is into cars.

Turns out Millennials like driving about as much as their '80s counterparts

Over the past few years, it has become generally accepted wisdom that the Millennial generation cares less about cars and drives less than the generations of Americans that came before them. However, a recent dig into one dataset by The Atlantic's Citylab blog finds that asserti

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Dissecting the biggest factors in why millenials aren't driving

Millennials are driving less than previous generational groups. It's a reality which America is dealing with at the moment, which automakers are trying their best of overcome and which sociologists are apparently studying with increasing intensity. The question is, why?

Gen Y car shoppers overtake Gen X buyers, still trail boomers

Generation Y has overtaken Generation X among car shoppers, according to a new report on US retail vehicle sales from J.D. Power.

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A Millennial explains what it'll take for him to buy a car, any car

There's more bad news for the auto industry about Millennials – members of the 16-to-34 year old generation really don't want to buy cars and there are lots of them. Dave Mosher, projects editor for Popular Science, looked into a camera for his "rant" and gave five reasons why he and his peers are more than willing to find other ways to get around. Mosher admits up front that he should be someone addicted to cars – sin

Another study shows young people not so keen on driving

The automotive industry is getting more evidence that it's time to expand product offerings or switch over to another business. A new study by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) says the "driving boom" is over. While Baby Boomers loved their cars, their kids - aka Gen Y or Millennials