Behind the scenes with NASCAR driver Joey Logano

Autoblog catches up with the stock-car ace

The Oath Board of Advisors is a collection of influential leaders from business, sports, entertainment and other fields. As part of Oath, Autoblog is teaming up with NASCAR driver Joey Logano.

Joey Logano is a man on a mission — to win. He thrives on competition everywhere, from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series to his daily workouts. It's brought him success at the track, where he counts 19 career victories and is one of stock-car racing's most entertaining drivers. "The racing part is what I enjoy, but the winning part is what this is all about," Logano says.

During the season, his attention is laser-focused on getting the most out of his No. 22 Ford Fusion, which he drives for Team Penske. He revels in the technology and details of his car, communicating with his crew chief to wring every bit of performance out of it. The 28-year-old also has a range of interests beyond the track. He oversees his charity, the Joey Logano Foundation, and runs a media production facility, Clutch Studios.

Autoblog's Jonathon Buckley recently caught up with Logano at the Clutch headquarters near Charlotte, N.C. Nestled by picturesque woods in the beautiful Carolina countryside, the facility is home to Logano's extensive car collection — everything from his early race cars to a Ford Model T — and where he operates his various business pursuits. Buckley spent a day with the NASCAR ace, breaking a sweat in the gym, "racing" Logano in a video game and getting muddy off-road. Through it all, Logano shows off his competitive streak and gives Bucko some insight into his busy and energetic world.

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